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A beautiful writing and note-taking web application to take anywhere.

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Take your writing with you wherever you go, with a fast and responsive web application. Thanks to the suite of powerful features, it’s never been easier to write, organize, and manage your notes.


Do your best work.

Charles Dickens had a favourite writing desk, one at which he felt he did his best work. He so loved this desk, that he would have it shipped with him if he were travelling.

Scribe aims to be a similarly loved writing tool, one which you can feel at home with, and enables you to do your best work.

Lean and powerful.

The ethos of Scribe is simple: a tool which gets out of your way and let's you write. Every aspect of the interface has been designed to improve your writing experience.

With snappy auto-save, effortless organisation tools, and a beautiful editor, this is a tool which lets you write what you want, how you want.


Easy peasy

Scribe is designed to be simple - no features you don't use, no confusing bits and bobs.

Drag-and-drop directory

Organise your notes into folders with the simplest directory system in all the land.

Your notes. Everywhere.

Scribe runs in any modern web browser. Native apps for iOS and Android coming soon.

Markdown shortcuts

Write with speed using markdown shortcuts. No jumping between mouse and keyboard.

Dark theme

Write in style with our noir theme. Perfect for writing at night.

Search or tag

Find your notes every time with easy to use tagging and search features.

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